Frans-Paul Gout:
All Play is a way of life. Rhythms and sounds in your head make you live light, swift and joyfully.

FP All Play in music and games

Dear Playfriends, good luck to you for dropping by.
Fancy a juicy song or a thrilling game?
Then let me be your song and dance man
and guide you through my world of fun and excitement...
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vintage guitars


cd hoezen My music is as basic as you can get, mostly home made, pure and personal. I collect vintage guitars and use them performing my songs as you can hear on the CD page, unfolding the All Play sound.

map My boardgames are modern classics. You throw dice to move your real wooden pawns over the playboards alright, like the classical boardgames of all times. But it takes some strategy and psychology for you as well, to add to the enjoyment a beneficial scoreline. You'll have to find a balance like in real life, some logic, as well as involve and communicate with your fellow players, for friends will be friends.
Four games in one box, to be played one by one or all in one because the scores are compatible. You can pick variations as well or invent your own, so you can enjoy to fulfill yourself. And... make your own entry in the All Play World Championship. Read all about it on the game page.

Need to know more, or have a say in matters yourself, mail to fp.allplay@xs4all.nl

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