Frans-Paul Gout: Here is your new generation 50's and 60's boardgames. Play them to the full, to become a fool in love ánd games.
map Ever tried a boardgame? Four games made for direct involvement and immediate action and effect, get thrilled but keep in touch. Play a fluent game and be sociable to your opponents when you can, or they all go against you! Home
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The fact of the matter is, it's not just competitiveness in being striken from the board by your fellow players deciding these games, which we'll call the social aspect. This is because you are never compelled to strike an opponent's pawn. So keep a fruitful balance between making progress against annoying your opponents.
The availibility of fields to move on to constitutes the second element in the game. So you have to keep open as many options as you can, to make any throw of the dice count beneficially to one of your pawns and not to your disadvantage. This is because you always have to move while you can.
So with few options to choose from, you take an increasing chance of having the eyes of the dice move you to a field against your will, or unnessecarily strike one of your opponents to avoid a bad move, here's the strategic aspect. But don't worry, the games have a nice flow to them, so you can relax and chat, gradually steaming up a game plan.

You can play with 2 - 6 players, some of the games even more. With the 2 of you each takes 3 colours and with 3 players each gets 2 colours, to enjoy the full potential of the playboard. Some fields are in your pawns colour, to give you movement or striking options.
The book of rules tells it all including all kinds of variations beside the official rules. You can choose or make up your own, but start with the basic rules, as always in life.

Learn the games one by one. When you're through the learning stages, you're in for a special treat. Organise a one-day tournament with the 6 of you and play them all. Send your scores to me and the winner will take part in the finals next year, here in my playhome. Where you will stumble over pawns and dice, cats and guitars, and playsick people never letting a thrill go by.

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